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SI No./ Date

  Seniority List
11.04.2014 Renewal/Empanelment of Hospitals under "Direct Payment System" for indoor treatment of Corporation's employees and their dependents
14.02.2014 Scheme of Reimbursement of medical expenses for OPD treatment out of fund from CWC Employees Benevolent fund.
07.02.2014 Submission of affidavit regarding loan application for marriage of their ward by the employees of your region
31.01.2014 Promotion list of Superintendent.
27.01.2014 TAG LINE reward on Foundation Day.
22.01.2014  Foundation Day celebration.
22.01.2014 Painting competition on Foundation Day
24.01.2014 Scheme for award of Merit Scholarship to the wards of employees of CWC for pursuing studies in professional Diploma/Degree/Post Graduate Courses.
17.01.2014 Payment of FAS amount.
16.01.2014 Lump-sum payment to the Ex-employees who have not opted to be member of Pension Scheme.

सेंट्रल वेयर्हाउसो के   निरीशन – मार्ग दर्शन

28.11.2013 Inspection of Central Warehouse - guidelines for inspection
27.11.2013 Self Appraisal ACR/APR
09.10.2013 Procedure for writing/reviewing/countersigning of Annual Performance Report / Annual Confidential Report of the officers and staff of CWC
04.10.2013 Financial relief to the dependents/legal heir/nominees of the employees of the Corporation.
24.09.2013 Meeting with the union representative
11.09.2013 Payment of Productivity Linked Incentive (PLI) for the Financial Year 2012-2013.
09.09.2013 Marriage Assistance Scheme
09.09.2013 Upgradation of Warehousing Assistant Grade I
03.09.2013 House Building Advance
30.08.2013 Introduction of Special Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2013 exclusively for Group-D Employees
22.08.2013 Annual Confidential Report (ACR) for the process of PRP/PMS for Financial year 2012-13
20.08.2013 Annual Confidential Report of Officer/ Staff for the year 2013 & Financial year 2013-14
25.07.2013 Instructions to the Inspecting Officer during inspection of Central Warehouse
11.07.2013 Maintenance/audit of Leave account in respect of employees working in the Region.
20.06.2013 Representation from CWC employees on service matters.
19.06.2013 Upgradation of  Assistant Manager (A/cs)
19.06.2013 Fringe benefit in respect of C & D employees under IDA pattern effective from 01.01.2012
14.06.2013 Upgradation of Warehousing Assistant Grade - I
14.06.2013 Upgradation of Techinal Assistant
29.05.2013 Sexual Harassment of woman at workplace

Upgradation of Jr. Superintendent

29.04.2013 Submission of format for registration of employees in pension scheme.
07.03.2013 Introduction of contributory pension scheme in the corporation.

Sustainable development performance report.

31.01.2013 PRP Scheme
17.01.2013 Scheme for award of merit scholarship to the wards of employees of CWC for pursuing studies in Professional Deploma/Degree/Post Graduate courses in Engineering, Medicine, Dental, Agriculture, Law, Management, Computer Application and Allied Fields etc.
10.10.2012 Payment of IDA w.e.f. 01.10.2012
08.10.2012 Payment of Productivity Linked Incentive (PLI) for the Financial Year 2011-2012.
08.10.2012 Recruitment of Management Trainees (General & Account), Accountants and Junior Technical Assistants (JTAs)
 1 GoI Resolution on the Public Interest Disclosure of Protection of Informers (PIDPI)- Guidelines thereon.
 2 Joining after Promotion.
 3 Code of Ethics and Business conduct for Central Public Sector Employees
 4 Amendment in the article of DOP No.32

Submission of TDS Certificates/Data & Modified Accounting System(CWC/FD-Taxation/ TDS/11-12)           21st February 2012            Annexure to IT Circular 20

6  Submission of nomination forms
7 Post retirement Medical Coverage Scheme contributory for retired employees and spouse of deceased employee.
8. Resolution on Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer.(Office Order)
9 Resolution on Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer. (Public Notice)
10. Vigilance Manual.
11. Adoption Of CPWD Manual/Delhi Schedule Of Rates/P.A.R./Specifications/ Guidelines etc. for Construction and repair works In CWC.
12. Code Of Business Conduct & Ethics For Board Members & Senior Management
13. CWC Engineering Specification
14. Medical Scheme and related Circulars. Renewal/Empanelment of Hospitals under "Direct Payment System"
15 Transfer(Posting) Policy of the Corporation

Last Updated: 29th July, 2013