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Dear Customer,
We thank you for choosing CWC for warehousing and allied services. To ensure that your expectations are always met,
Number of years you are utilizing CWC Services:
How did you come to know about CWC:
i) From Advertisements
ii) From Warehouse staff
iii) From CWC customers
Which of the services you are utilizing:
i) Storage of Goods
ii) Import/Export of Cargo
iii) Handling & Transportation
iv) Pest Control
How do you rate the "services" at the warehouse:
i) Deposit
ii) Preservation
iii) Handling
iv) Delivery
v) Working as per time parameters exhibited in the warehouse
vi) Accuracy of billing
vii) Refund of excess charges
i) Telephone
ii) Clean Toilet
iii) Drinking Water
iv) Hygienic condition
v) Weighment facility
Behavior of Employees:
i) Security
ii) Office
iii) Godowns
iv) H&T Contractor / Labour
Warehousing Charges :
Do you have to pay extra money for getting the work done:
i) To CWC Employees
ii) To H&T Contractor / Labour
Have you ever registered with our local Manager:
Did you get a prompt response:
Name :
Organisation :
Address :
Phone :
E-mail :
Website :
Suggestions for improvement :
we request you to provide us your evaluation of our facilities and services, in the format given below: