Tariff and Rebate


    Rebates :

  • Rebate of 30% to farmers on published tariff is offered.
  • Rebate of 10% to Cooperative societies on published tariff is offered.
  • Rebate of 10% to Agri start-ups on published tariff is offered.

    Customised Services :

  • The storage rates are basic rates applicable for General customers / depositors of the Corporation for utilizing storage facility under general terms & conditions of storage. However, Corporation can also provide the necessary infrastructure facilities and other improvements as per requirement of depositors / users under customized services to provide the storage space on dedicated warehousing basis for a committed period. The basic storage rates shall be modified / enhanced depending on the amount of additional costs involved in the infrastructure development as per requirement vis-à-vis the period of storage committed by the depositors / users.
  • Under the customized service, Corporation may also enter arrangements with the intended users this dedicated warehousing arrangement as per model agreement format attached which contains terms and conditions of indicative nature.

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